What to expect?

What happens during a kinesiology balance?

In each session, we discuss issues in your life where you would like support or resolution.


We then use muscle monitoring to determine what is the priority issue, and create a goal defining what outcome you would like instead.


We then conduct a series of muscle tests to investigate the different factors that are blocking you from achieving this goal, whether they be emotional, biochemical, neurological, energetic and/or structural. We are interconnected beings and all of these factors need to be balanced in order to achieve lasting results.


For example, if someone has migraines, this may be due to stress at work, imbalanced detoxification pathways, genetic factors, congested fascia, and subluxated vertebrae (and more).


Once all the relevant information has been investigated, we then use a variety of techniques (eg. sound therapy, flower essences, balancing meridians and chakras, acupressure points) to balance your energetic system in relation to the goal.


After the session

How long does it take to see changes? Some people feel changes immediately, while others take a bit longer.


Kinesiology is not about "fixing" you, but clearing imbalance and supporting you to self-heal. Subtle changes typically continue to occur for 4 - 6 weeks after your balance as your body adjusts and re-integrates. Many people find they intuitively adopt different habits over this time, and gain greater clarity about their life.

We usually recommend 3 to 6 sessions for a particular issue, depending on its severity. There are often multiple layers of stress that need to be peeled back in order to address the root causes of your symptoms. The body knows when the next session is needed so it can be tested at the end of your session.